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Paws & Claws is a unique mobile vet service that offers attentive, personalized care for you and your pets. Dr. Lisa accommodates your pets’ specific needs with complete care that drives straight to your doorstep. We have all the same services as your traditional clinics but we save you the stress and time of traveling while ensuring your pet is happy and healthy. Read More
In case of an emergency, please contact one of the many local emergency clinics in the area.

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  • Cost
    The most common question asked is how much does a mobile vet visit cost? The trip charge is the primary fee that is additional to what you would pay at a standing clinic. The trip fee ranges from $49- $65 depending on your location in Dane county. A physical exam fee of $55 is charged […]
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Meet Dr. Lisa DeMumbrum-Lee

Dr. Lisa has over 21 years of veterinary experience. Dr. Lisa is truly an animal-lover at heart so she understands how tough pet care can be. That is why Dr. Lisa founded Paws & Claws to provide every pet with complete, personalized care and make the process easier and better for both you and your pet.