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Jul 28


The most common question asked is how much does a mobile vet visit cost? The trip charge is the primary fee that is additional to what you would pay at a standing clinic. The trip fee ranges from $49- $65 depending on your location in Dane county. A physical exam fee of $55 is charged for each animal whether they are sick or getting their booster vaccinations, or a wellness exam. Vaccination cost vary from $28- $37, depending on the type of vaccine needed.

Jan 27

Laser therapy Science

This is a bit technical but good explanation of the science behind Laser therapy and how it works to promote healing of swollen and inflamed tissues. Paws & Claws currently offers this therapy and I have been seeing some great results with it in the short time that I have been using it.

Feb 7

FAQ: How much does mobile vet service cost?

Prices for all of our services are comparable to other veterinarians in the area. The only additional cost incurred is for the trip charge. Typically it runs between $40-50, depending on the area of service. This enables us to bring the whole clinic to you and save you the stress and hassle of getting your pets to the vet.

Nov 16

Christmas Holiday Hours

Paws & Claws will close at noon on Christams Eve and be closed on Christams day. In the event of an emergency call Veterinary Emergency Service or Exceptional Care for Animals. For an at home euthanasia need, call Dr. Katie Hilst at 608-347-1897.

Sep 17

Top ten reasons to use a mobile vet

10-You and your pet get to wait at home for your appointment rather than in a crowded waiting room.
9-If you are physically unable to drive or carry your pet to the vet, not to worry, Dr. Lisa comes to you.
8-There is less exposure to communicable diseases for your pet.
7-Owners of multiple pets can get health care for those pets more efficiently, rather than taking multiple trips to the vet.
6-Health care that is tailored to your pet’s needs and the environment that they live in.
5-No more vomit, stool, drool, or hair all over your car.
4-Moms, you no longer have to juggle the kids and the pets for your animals to get the health care they need.
3-Your appointment is scheduled around your needs.
2-Your pet will be less stressed with an at home visit from the veterinarian.
1-If your pet is less stressed by the visit to the mobile vet,then you will be too!

“Remember me, Dr. Lisa, the vet that cares for your pet at your doorstep.”

Sep 10

Area of service

Paws & Claws Mobile Veterinary Service cares for dogs and cats throughout Dane county, during the week and during typical business hours.

May 25

Vacation Notice

Dr. Lisa will be on vacation Tuesday August 14th – Monday August 20th. She will be back to work on Tuesday August 21st. In the event that an in home euthanasia is needed, call Dr. Katie Hilst at 608-347-1897.