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Top ten reasons to use a mobile vet

10-You and your pet get to wait at home for your appointment rather than in a crowded waiting room.
9-If you are physically unable to drive or carry your pet to the vet, not to worry, Dr. Lisa comes to you.
8-There is less exposure to communicable diseases for your pet.
7-Owners of multiple pets can get health care for those pets more efficiently, rather than taking multiple trips to the vet.
6-Health care that is tailored to your pet’s needs and the environment that they live in.
5-No more vomit, stool, drool, or hair all over your car.
4-Moms, you no longer have to juggle the kids and the pets for your animals to get the health care they need.
3-Your appointment is scheduled around your needs.
2-Your pet will be less stressed with an at home visit from the veterinarian.
1-If your pet is less stressed by the visit to the mobile vet,then you will be too!

“Remember me, Dr. Lisa, the vet that cares for your pet at your doorstep.”